Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did YOU know that Goodman’s has a Teleporter Hub? Once more... we may be closer to having a public hub for recognized towns around Atlantic.

When the official town banner system started, the idea was to recognize groups and organizations that served the community. Just like with real towns that could start as a small collection of houses in a localized area, we often find game houses centrally localized to serve as shopping communities as well as guild settlements. These unofficial towns have been around since the early days of UO without any flags, monuments, or markers of any kind. Many of those old towns are long gone. Today, we have Mesanna who has done a lot of wonderful work all over the game to help those townships be recognized.

This program was well received and has resulted in many really wonderfully designed banners all over the lands. The requirements demanded that the town have a history, the town serve the community, and that the town have no less then 3 buildings. Not all towns actually fit inside these simple 3 rules, but as life in UO never changes? You never know.

Submitting a request for the Red & Purple town banner was not easy by any means. Everyone submitting must design and break down their idea and wait for approval. If you are lucky, you are able to meet Mesanna when she builds the town banner. In our case, the end result far exceeded expectations and is a surprising pleasant sight for visitors. As she gained experience building them, I’m actually kind of happy we had to wait so long as ours could be one of her finer works. The location of our banner is just east of the Church of Candy.

There was also talk of a public teleporter outpost just outside the walls of Luna. On other shards, this has been found just outside the SOUTH gate, and to the east. For Atlantic, being one of the higher populated shards... the question has been floating around for some time; “Where’s ours?” In communicating with Mesanna last week, she indicated this hub will be worked on soon! Maybe, maybe not... but this is the staffer who seems to be the most on our side of them all. :-) By the way, these would go to towns only.

Still... did you know that Goodman’s has been helping with transportation to our community establishments? Right next to the extremely well traveled main Library, just to the west... is the Teleporter Hub. Two full levels of vet-reward ‘never-charge’ House-to-House teleporters. Not so much restricted to towns only. These can go to single establishments all over Atlantic. Malls, guild halls, libraries, rares museums... check them out for yourself! New pads are added from time to time and you may be able to share a pad with this collection. All you have to do is communicate with Andrasta, keeper of Goodmans. She will have more information. Goodman’s has always been a strong supporter of the Atlantic community.

Also in the R&P news:

The main Red & Purple Mini Mall building has seen over 92.5k visitors (so far) since being purchased. I actually took up the old house and put down the current so this count started from zero. We passed our 10 year anniversary last fall, the R&P being in it's 3rd official home. So many of the old “stand alone” malls have gone as we swore NEVER to leave Tram, we may be the oldest and most well known of the malls left.

Now we have a new question. “Should we try and do some kind of special event for the 100k visitor mark?”

I would really love to know how rare 100k visitors is for ANY mall outside of any game city/guarded zone. That includes all shards, not just ours. With formal towns, many people never step onto the house building and that’s how the visitor count gets ticked. Even though a million people could have passed your house, if they don’t step on the house, you’ll never know the true visitor count. The Red & Purple Mini Mall has always been away from cities and less the first house that was next to a road, always away from main traveling lanes. The current building has been a labor of rune dropping, gates, and house-to-house teleporters.

The possibility of this mile-stone maybe coming more to the end of the year or even early next year, so it's nothing to really worry about. However, I would love to hear any ideas anyone may have. I’m working on a rather ambitious suggestion as this rather rare event may warrant a little “special” consideration. I will not say more. :-) Just the same, me doing any event alone is totally out of the question. This has to be special! I don’t see doing anything for the 11th year anniversary... or much after this 100k mark. We will keep climbing, but this one will be the most special. Golden, if you will.