Friday, March 25, 2011

Maginica is finally getting a make-over!!!

Just around the corner… if you can believe it. It's been over 6 years since the big invasion destroyed the city along with the wild areas around the island. I’m honestly unsure if it has been 6 years… but it's the best I can gather asking around. Already, the first real shard is seeing the new publish that will see the new city. We will soon for us and everyone! (Cheers!)

Jeers… to the staff for allowing this to take so long! Public areas of our game would should not be destroyed for such an amazingly long time. The event was a lot of fun… we got some really cool rares. The Mini Mall is packed with mushrooms and palm-trees from the destruction. Then… the years slowly passed us by… and a few events came and go promising the rebuilding of the city and it never came. So… “It's about TIME, Sucka!” hehe

Now, if you don’t know history of the game so well… invasions come, invasions go. Years ago, when we got a new type of monster, the invasion was limited to woodland areas… normally causing great headaches to our Tram based mall, far off the beaten path of a city. Now, it's more about the city spawn… running people off so they hide in Luna bank. Yew saw a total change of landscape with swamp spawn… and it took a long time to correct and return the city of Yew to it's natural state. Haven saw a sudden destruction, that I never remember seeing a storyline for… and a new city was built around the ruins of the old. Right after, it was Maginica. Years ago.

What the staff is doing this time… is making a new city that incorporates player houses with the actual public city. This could be due to our new system of player based towns and town banners. It's an interesting idea, however it's not exactly clear at this point how it will work. I’d say this idea is a good one… the house plots… will be given out by lottery. Lottery, in all my years of playing… if it's not a scam… it's a great way to have a whole bunch of nothing for a whole lot of money. And… we have a big problem of too much gold in the game and very little ways to remove it… or do an exchange of old money for new.

Cheers… for the staff for making a nice, big, fat gold sink!

Would I take part in the plot lottery? NO WAY!!! I played on the test shard a little to get an idea of how this will work. I collected many million gold checks from my other test characters. Each house has it's own lottery. I was thinking it would be 1 lottery… 1 account can win per all 22 houses in Tram, Fel would have it's own. You can either sink all your money into 1 plot… or spread it around. However… you are looking at a massive expenditure without much results. The one plot I used for the test. Here are my results:

My experiment was bidding on lot SW-2, just north of the docks.
Total tickets sold: 150,143.
Price per ticket: 2k, each.
Total gold sink before the plot was awarded: 300,286,000 gold.
(Remember… that’s over 300 million gold for a 15x15 plot.)

I pooled some money, bought 21,300 tickets.
The sign gave me a 1 in 9 chance of winning.
My gold spent: 42,600,000 gold.

Just thought I would share. This should take billions out of the game, easily. Just based on the test shard, if all plots went 300m in tickets, that would be a 6,600,000,000 total, just talking about Tram. Our shard, Atlantic… easily more populated then most US shards… could see way more money removed. Just think what the house sellers will be demanding.

Yes, I was entertaining moving the Mini Mall for a few seconds… but no thanks. Not worth all the hard work I put into making my nearly worthless game gold. :-)