Vendor Placement

Running a vendor is the best way to make money for just about any skill level and from new player to seasoned vet. It's all a matter of willingness to DO some work in game. Work either collecting items around the game or selling items you loot from harder monsters most people can not kill… this aspect of our game world is limitless.

It's just like running a shop in the real world. You find what's in demand and keep up with prices and market demands. Most players are “lazy”… and want everything done for them OR they just don’t have the time… or skill levels needed to collect items they would otherwise need. People who sit around the bank for the majority of their play time, I call lazy. For me, when I was new… my first skill that reached 100.0 was mining. First it was iron ingots… always needed for so much, then to sell. Then it was color ingots, that sell even better. THEN the introduction of craftable stone came to the game, making more sellable goods. NOW, we have larger gems that will spawn from mining and those are in high demand. Any new player can make a miner. It may take a little more skill to collect arrows from monsters… but they are in high demand. You can never have enough. No matter if it's resources or crafted goods… items on vendors will sell. The difference is… what will sell fast or slow. What will keep people coming back to your vendor or the shop? What are you willing to do to keep traffic coming back?

The Red & Purple Mini Mall started in a small room of a public mall set in a castle. First 2 vendors… then they grew to fill the room. Every step of the way was to supply my own growing skills then to buy a small house to turn into a mall, with out the massive amount of lag of a castle. Back in those days… lag was horrible just to step inside a castle with 95 vendors in it. It was also hard to find any house, no matter how small. Every step of the way… my vendors fueled building my little empire. Building a town from 2 vendors… then adding another mall and helping a friend with his mall. The opportunities are endless for those willing. My mission has always been to share that aspect of the game with EVERYONE. No matter if they are new, old vet, no guild is turned away… no scammers allowed. Keep it friendly and hopefully stocked with vendors for everyone coming by.

"The Red & Purple Mini Mall", established 2001 originally.
Open for public vendor placement.
Mall has seen over 88,000 visitors, April 2011.

Mall includes a small public rune library, all dye tubs available, teleporter link to Goodman’s teleporter hub, public lock-picking boxes, and a large roof-top garden ideal for meetings. This is a NO-SPAWN zone.

Also included to the R&PMM is that it's attached to “The Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood”, an officially recognized player town. The town banner is located just to the east of the mall. The town also includes a “Plant Shop & Garden Center” that sells all kinds of non-colored plants along with colored plants and plant resources… the “Savings & Loan” that offers repair deeds and food for new players. Both are not open for public vendor placement. “The First Church of Candy” that is also a great public meeting spot along with open for in-game weddings. The 2 other buildings include “The Drunken Pixie Pub” and “Palace and Dungeon Museum” full of fun things to look at. All 6 buildings are open to the public.


“The Yew Gate Mall of the Red & Purple”, located next to the Yew public Moongate… in memory of Lord Kraken, who passed away at the start of 2011. This mall stands as one of the more attractive malls in the area, with vendor space as well as some public resources. Seeing over 46k visitors and placed on August 23, 2004. 30+ vendor spaces. This mall is in site of the public moongate, as seen in the overhead map.

“The Hanging Gardens of the Ancient World”, located near Luna, with in easy reach of the west gate of the city wall. Head just a few steps South-West. A relatively new mall… it also has fewer vendors offered for it's size. Inside, public offerings of all vendor tubs, along with every possible craft interest anyone could need.

As of right now… all 3 malls are offered for FREE vendor placement! At most, vendor owners are asked to dress their vendors up nice… keep them stocked, and make as much money as they want or are willing to do. Please make sure you renew the contract first of all… then keep the vendor well fed by dropping gold on it. If the vendor fails right away, it's because one of those was not done. If you wish to replace the vendor, you must have a pink vendor rental deed.

It's all about the love of vendors… it's all about the love of our game world. If we can help someone else fall in love with this aspect of the game, then we all win.