Sunday, November 20, 2011

West Brit Bank Travel Warning!

The 2009 Thanksgiving “Giant Turkey” spawn is back… and far nastier then ever. This spawn normally in the woodlands, and jungles… all over Tram and Fel (I’m sure)… however, grievers are leading them to the WBB so they can “share” in the adventure of killing them. Because of the massive area attack, revealing, and gross amount of damage the turkey causes… no one is safe to even look away from the screen for even a second. It should also be noted guards are not responding to calls and leading monsters out of their spawn area is a violation of the rules of conduct. Are the GMs responding to calls? Anyone’s guess, but odds are no… so don’t travel to this bank lightly until the spawn ends.

The new publish also went live the same day. Shame dungeon has been “modified”. This used to be a wonderful dungeon for intermediate skilled characters to hunt and gather supplies. Now level one is packed with pockets of monsters that switch targets and overwhelm pets. The new loot system, however publicized, seems very worthless. In all honesty, I really think they made a mistake. Dungeon Wrong is far less used and had it's spawn modified 2 times before. One adding the Juka and then years later, removing the Juka and replacing them with the old spawn. As far as I know… no one uses this dungeon anymore. I will suggest to you dungeon fans to check out Shame for yourself, just be aware. Passages will be blocked until you kill the guard monster and some monsters will easily overwhelm you where you wouldn’t think.

Also in the publish (72), a few new vet rewards were added to a couple years. Most existing, Year 4… a new seed sorting box. This looks like a wooden table with a divided top, like you would see at a garden center. Placing seeds on the box will ID them and sort them inside the gump so you can organize and store them. Unfortunately, it only holds 500 seeds, however… it will cut down on mysterious single seeds from the ant seed quest, particular seeds, and those pesky seeds that some plants make several piles of the same exact seed. You wont have to worry about growing endless amounts of poppy dust! The staffer that designed this, art and all, did a wonderful job… and this idea is very overdue. This and the raised beds, gardeners are finally seeing a little love.

Counting down to our Christmas gifts… there is still no hint of graphics. Good news is that all the items offered are NEW, not copies of last year like the staff did with the anniversary tickets, many of the clean-up items, and the Thanksgiving spawn. What I’m most anxious to see is what this “customizable House Type Sign” is and looks like. A few of us have been talking about it, and it ‘COULD BE’ like wall plagues you see on some city buildings. Perfect for mounting next to doors in our houses to add information for visitors. “Rune Library and Dye Tubs”… and “Private Entrance, use other door” as an example. Or above house to house vet teleporters. That would be wonderful seeing the only other way to add information to those is to lock a book down on top of the pad. As soon as we find out… I’ll post an update.