Making Gold the Honest Way

PLEASE... If you need gold, don’t support criminals by buying UO gold on non-official websites! These criminals drop books and make their gold with illegal third party programs. Why support them?

If you still need gold… and have the real money… here’s the best piece of free advice I've seen on the subject:

Atlantic may be the best commerce shard in the whole of UO. There is no shortage of rares in demand… and a lot of hard-core players have a lot of gold… and why spend real money when you can spend gold? It's easy to trade your way into getting the gold you want!

Go to and click the button for “The Origin Store”. Here you can check out all kinds of goodies and up grades for sale for real money. Items you can sell in game and get gold without dealing with a criminal.

Unfortunately, the item codes for sale change all the time, so spending a little money to make a little gold may be a challenge. The real trick here is to buy something that will fit into a trade window, not try and sell the code.

*Please note, this new store replaced “The Game Code Store” and doesn’t seam to have a whole lot of popular options for sale, easy to sell in game for gold. Best bet for sale items is the “11th Anniversary Collection”. This will give you several good items you can sell. Always check around, see what’s selling, what the prices are, and what will move quickly.

Missing right now, the best item… “Legacy Token” for 9.99$… will allow you to choose a Green Soul Stone. There is always a demand for these. They are used to transfer skills between characters… and never run out, unlike the SS Fragments. The Name Change… and Gender Change tokens… not that high in demand, but from time to time, you will see people adverting to buy them. Easily you could sell this token for 15-20 million gold.

This and making gold the old fashion way… Working for it!

Mining… Metal Ingots are ALWAYS in demand! Mining will also give you skills that will provide for a lifetime. Once you GM this skill, you can also find high-end gems randomly appear in your backpack, you can add Granite finding skills with a book, as well as add a book that will allow you to mine for sand.

Lumberjacking… Wood is also something that will sell, not for so much, however once this skill is GM, you will find gems of Amber. These are high value.

Ammo (Arrows/Bolts)… From wood, you can add Bowcrafting skill and make shafts. Hunt down birds and chickens, fashion arrows and bolts. This along with killing monsters for these resources can turn you into a millionaire. The whole foundation of the Red & Purple Mini Mall was built on selling ammo!

Collecting Leather… this may be a little more time consuming, however like other resources, leathers are in demand. The very big bonus to this aspect is that you can add fighting skills to your guy. Before you know it, you can take down dragons to collect the highest end leather.

Recall Scrolls… building Inscription skill and using regs, you can sell recall scrolls (level 4) and buyers will never stop cleaning you out! This way would also require a tinker to make tools, but endless money can be made once you get your skills going.

Above all else… making gold the old fashion way is by owning your own vendor and keeping it up. Don’t just place a vendor at your house, but join a free mall where a group of vendors has many tempting goods for sale. Don’t sell just one thing, but anything you can sell… sell it. Before you know it you’ll have a small group of vendors and more honest money then you’ll need to live and play happy in the world of UO.