Retrieving your vendor’s goods… (Q&A)

Reasons why a vendor goes “A.W.A.L.”:
1. When accepting your new vendor contract, you forgot to select “renew on expiration” under the vendor’s “contract options”.

2. Your vendor ran out of money to cover his/her daily fees.

3. The house owner discontinued the contract renewal under “contract options”.

Where does your vendor go?

The vendor will go into the house’s moving crate and can only be seen by the house’s owner as a vendor shaped statue. However the vendor’s owner can claim the vendor’s goods OR the vendor will time out and the goods will go in the house crate inside a normal colored backpack.

How do you get your vendor’s goods while the timer is in play?

Simply go to the house’s sign and single click.

You will see an option that says “claim vendor inventory” and select.

*Beware. All items will suddenly appear inside your backpack. Overflow will go into your bank. The normal bank item limit is 125, like any other container, but no need to worry because your bank can swell past it's 125 item limit to take on all vendor items.

Best advice in claiming vendor goods… empty as much as you can from your character’s backpack beforehand and bring a pack-beast with you. This works best for multi vendors if the vendors have lots of goods.

* Accidents happen. If you have a new vendor at the R&PMM, and your vendor runs away do to forgetting to renew the contract or runs out of money, just message the owner and bring a new vendor rental contract and you can replace. These contracts can be bought at any bank, tavern, or inn.