How to set up your new vendor:

Very FIRST thing! Set your vendor’s contract to RENEW right away.

Once you accept the vendor… single click on the vendor, then go to “Contract Options”. This page will show you how much you are being charged for rent along with what duration your contract renews. This being 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. You will see 2 lines that ask if the owner has approved the contract to renew, you will see YES, normally. Go to the little arrow checkbox that turns the NO next to the vendor’s owner to YES. This insures your vendor will not run away after a week.

*Extra tip: Before you do anything else, now is the time to take some starter gold to fund the vendor’s operation. The weight of gold has been changed so you can easily carry a full stack of 60k gold. Just drop this gold on the vendor’s head. If you need way more gold for selling higher end goods, you can ask a friend to buy million gold checks for a million gold. If you have a 2nd account, this will also work. NEVER allow the gold being held by the vendor to drop below a full month! If you fail to transfer gold to the vendor right away, the vendor may run away by morning.

*Vendor mall owners… see below for extra information about vendor rental contracts.

After you have accepted your vendor and renewed your contract… you will need to start working on the vendor itself. Double click the vendor and you will get a small menu. Only your account will see this menu, no one else.

Open the paperdoll. This will let you dress your vendor like your player character. Simply remove the clothes and replace them with whatever items you wish your vendor to wear. Feel free to use items you may be selling in the outfits.

Hint: It's wise to dress your vendor sharply so you attract shopper attention. Vendors left in their birth clothes will often be ignored for lack of care by their owners.

Appearance. You may choose your vendor’s sex and race. If you don’t care for the flesh-tone, you can easily switch between human and elf till you get what you want. Hair style and color are in this part of the menu.

Name your vendor. It's personal preference. You will see vendors with both normal names and names that say what they are selling. It's up to you.

Name your store. No need to make your vendor’s name say “Arrows Arrows!!!” what you can make this your shop name. When people shop from the house sign or single click your vendor, they will see what you are selling when you name this area correctly.

You may also see your vendor’s money status in the main screen. Again, it's recommended that you keep at least 30 days worth of gold on the vendor fully loaded. Add gold by simply dropping a pile of gold on the vendor’s head.

Adding Gold:  Selling big rares and need gold on the vendor in a hurry? No need to use 2 accounts to move large amounts of gold to your vendor. All you need is 3 things... Gold in the bank, a BOD Book, and a single BOD. Place the BOD into book. Then open the book. On the right side you will see a place to enter a price, as if you were selling several on the book on your vendor. Say, for example a price of 1,000,000 to really charge your vendor’s funds. Then go to your vendor. Place the book on the vendor, then hit escape. This makes the book unable to be bought, yet when you open it... you will be able to buy the BOD. Now buy the BOD. The money you set the BOD for will now be on your vendor. Very simple, very easy.

Removing gold… go to the menu option. Simply type in how much you want to remove when asked. This is just like a r/l ATM. If only adding gold was so easy.

Face your vendor. Simple say the vendors name and then look. “Gidget Look” and that vendor will face you directly. You can also say “Vendor Look” and your vendor will face you; however all your vendors will face you if you have more in the same area.  You can also go into the custimize menu and click out.

ALWAYS recommended if you want to see traffic quickly? Drop runes around towns and dungeons or gate at the main banks. You are just as responsible for traffic as the owner. This is a shop owned by everyone inside, not just 1 person.

Vendor Mall owners… in my personal experience, all rental contracts should be set to no more then 1 week. NEVER set them for a month, not even people you know and love. This 1 week renewal limit will help greatly in the long run.

In the days of old, we had to call Game-Masters to assist with removing old or unwanted vendors from our malls, moving them to a grassy area outside the house. This would take the better part of a day. With these new pink contracts, they expect everyone to be an instant expert with managing their rented out vendor space. If you find you no longer want a vendor in your mall due to questionable goods or failure to stock, you simply go into the contract option menu and uncheck the renewal. If you failed to set this as 1 week, you could be waiting a full month for the vendor to vanish. In the rare times you wish to do some remodeling or sell the house, this means you are stuck until these vendors reach that renewal period and then go through the days of degrade within the house sign. For the most part, these built in safety measures are a GOOD thing as some owners were not exactly honest with vendor rental.

It seems no matter what you do, no matter how well in contact you are with your renters… there are always those that don’t respond to warnings and then get upset their vendor is gone. I strongly recommend against changing your mall and upsetting vendors unless you really have to. The R&PMM was remodeled only 1 time at the current location. This remodel was critical to operations and was months of headaches in the long run. I hope to never do it again.

*Before, NO house could be traded with standing vendors on it. Now, houses can. You will NOT be able to customize the house until the old vendor is gone, so please be warned.