Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is the game staff avoiding Spring Cleaning 2011?

Sometime in the early spring, the game staff makes mention of a new Spring Cleaning 2011 coming our way, ears perk up… a feeling of excitement fills the air. For those who remember a couple years ago, the Spring Cleaning program was extremely popular and gave us some amazing d├ęcor items. Items like the bee hive, the virtue tiles, the horse barring (armor), bamboo, Yucca tree, fire pit, nest with eggs, and many other goodies including 3 kicking armor sets. Hands down… one of the best events we’ve seen in the last few years that EVERYONE could participate in.

Soon after this news is broken, pictures are posted on showing such interesting things such as a new Distillery… we start thinking Spring Cleaning is sure on it's way. Epic disappointment and even the feeling of betrayal comes when these “hints” are only to show that the staff will be selling 2 tiny booster packs. The Gothic and Rustic collections, 10$ a throw or 15$ for the pack. Both are not worth the money, but this shows the lack of regard the staff has for the loyal paying customers. This also included new sales areas, known as vendor booths, that sit around New Magincia, another gold-sink. This is all about greed and not about customer service.

When spring is clearly on it's way out… another disappointing blow comes when game staff chooses to publish a story arch supporting the SA lands and NOT the Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning will have to wait for Summer. Again, players are outraged. “Why leak what they have no intention on doing?” The questions are posted.

July 1… a small production note is published on that clearly shows yet more avoidance to the Spring Cleaning 2011 issue. “After July… players can look forward to…” So, what does that mean? August? September? December? The staff has chosen yet again to take other areas into priority, including High Seas content… that has very low interest. Spring Cleaning, however now has angered the population, SHOULD be their priority. Are they listening at all? Well, they really should be. This isn’t just about honoring their word… but this would make a lot of people happy. EVERYONE, once again… not just the few that have the mad fighting skills. Everyone can enjoy some cool new goodies for their house, more kicking armor and weapons… and as the name tells… clean up a lot of junk clogging people’s house and server space.