Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heads up… an unwanted gift of BUGS by UO staff.

“Account Center Migration”… staff changes the way we interact with our account management, basically breaking the system with the old adage “If it ain’t broke…” UO isn't trying hard enough. Players may be getting bogus warnings to accounts being closed do to missing details. The Mini Mall’s account was hit with this error and there is no way to enter account management the best I can find, yet there is nothing wrong with the account itself. This all started Friday, August 12 as we lost the entire evening’s playtime… as the game didn’t come back on until Saturday morning, where it was taken down yet again for several hours. One can only ask.. “Do they ever test things before putting them in play?”

Frankly, I think the only reason why major updates are put into place last thing Friday is so staff can get some guaranteed overtime. It really paid out this time!

Also, there are some extra bugs that must be revolving around this “Account Center Migration” that you may notice in game:

Recall Runes (marked for houses) seam to be missing their string ID name, thus displaying an effort default vs. being named properly.

Recall Runes marked for Tram houses seam to be blaze colored now. Was this intentional? The difference between the light blue Tram runes and the Tokuno also being light blue never made sense to me when Fel house runes are dark red, and the gargoyle land (Ter Mur) house runes are dark green. Blaze is an improvement, but they are a little bold.

New Ship Runes… when set inside a runebook, that “suddenly” go bad, will CHANGE the color of the runebook to the default color AND change the very name of the item to “recall rune”.

There is said to be a fix to these new ship runes that habitually go bad. Easy enough… unload the ship’s hold, then drydock the ship, replace. It's that easy. I don’t know if it's true or not as the runebook color change bug was reported on a ship I know that was recently reset and yet the same thing happened.

Easily… there could be MORE bugs in play and I have no clue if and when they will be fixed, however… if you are seeing anything abnormal, odds are it's part of the same package of problems we got as a gift for Summer 2011. Still… keep your chin up! We may still get that spring cleaning 2011 they swore they’d give us sometime this year. :-)