Saturday, May 15, 2010

Please forgive the mess…

Starting a new website or message boards is always so much fun! Isn't it? At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Not to mention I never even saw a “blog” until a friend shared this system with me just today.

For those of you that don’t know what Ultima Online is… please go to and check it out.

For those of you that that know UO and don’t know me… I am Lady Frany Flame, owner of the Red & Purple Mini Mall, established Fall of 2001… on the Atlantic Shard, Tram. I will go into the history of the Mall very soon. I’m a veteran of UO for over 9 years at the point of this post and after years of operations… we have a small player town, that’s been in place for many years. I specialize in being a merchant, explorer, and all around wondering pixie. Not big into fighting… but that’s UO for you. There’s something for everyone and you sure don’t have to be the best in combat to make a virtual life for yourself in UO.

I have always been all about the Atlantic community. In days long past… when I was just new myself… I was exploring every way possible to gain gold and resources to fund my adventuring. Way back then… gold was hard to come by for a newbie. I ran around by myself and with another new player, who is long gone now… and we supported each other and learned our world together. At first I had a miner simple crafter named “Kitten Gillian” that started off as a mage… however the demands on fighting were soon replaced with skills like bow crafting to make and sell arrows. Selling those arrows on a vendor was quickly discovered to be very profitable. At that time, I didn’t even have a house of my own. Hard to imagine.

Arrows proved to be a booming success, that’s why you will currently find every house in the Red & Purple Empire’s house signs… are that of the Arrow.

My first vendor was in a very large castle mall half-way between Cove and the Main city of Brit. Lag was a big issue for most travelers then. Never the less… 1 vendor turned into 2… and then 3… and on and on until the entire lower North-East room was mine. Even in that day… new houses were hard to find and the prices climbed faster then you could earn money. Money you also needed to fund your mages and fighters. The lag of the big castle was also a big issue… as it was for anyone to even find basic vendor space. It was clear that we needed our own space… with out the lag. Shoppers could come and go with out crashing… and I could offer space to anyone willing to keep stocked.

This whole line of the building of the first Red & Purple Mini Mall is how I got started and why I’m still here. The mall was designed to be all about the community… then… as well as now. This being a far cry from Ultima of the past… in a stand alone world, I’ve been playing Ultima since Ultima 4 was long out. My favorite was actually Ultima 7. I waited for Tram to come around before I tried the Online version… and the on-line Community side was new and still interests me today. The stand alone Ultima may be gone forever… but I hope to keep my place in the Atlantic community as long as the sun shines on our lands.

Best wishes to all! :-) Lady Frany Flame