Friday, May 21, 2010

The Red & Purple Mini Mall – A Very-Very Special Non-Event!

So summer is finally here and the horrible winter weather is all cleared up… we still keep our fingers crossed. So many bank-sitters. Foo! How about a little mid-year fun, you say?

All of June… one of the oldest establishments on Atlantic shard, the Red & Purple Mini Mall will be celebrating… “A Very-Very Special Non-Event” and YOU are invited!

You’ll see the front garden of the R&PMM completely transformed to a special theme, “The Jungle Days of Summer”… to illustrate the fun of custom houses, rares, and sugar-fueled creativity. Why? In a world of pure imagination… why do so many seam to fail to just have some fun with their play? How many times have I seen new malls pop up using “Mini Mall” or a color and color for a name? Seems like every 3 months this happens. Well.. I got to talking about how easy it is to just invent a totally new theme and make it work. Hence the seeds of this whole adventure.

Besides the Mini Mall’s front garden being tricked out…

A special non-event event hosted by Hawk of Atlantic. More to come.

We want to share the fun! So… we will be sponsoring a special decorating contest. Player’s choice! 3 Player Vets will be the judges. And yes… we will have PRIZES you can keep!

Player Establishments are WELCOMED to take part in this contest! We all know our malls and rune libraries can not be torn apart for decorating contest or seasonal themes. Now is YOUR chance to really show off your skill in decoration and creativity. Do not go into construction mode! Do some shopping. :-) Or dig around in your storage containers and just make something up.

There is no set rules to your theme… you can pick anything you want to do.

Participants must provide:
1. The name of their house normally.
2. How this house normally functions. (Be it your residence or a mall, whatever.)
3. What the special theme is for this event decoration.
4. The theme’s name.
5. Location. (Tram, Malas, whatever).
6. Submit a picture!

It's that easy! Submissions must be in before June 18th, when the judging will begin.

So… June 1st. Visit the “unofficial” town of Red & Purple and check out the Jungle theme. Get inspired and enter the contest!