Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jungle Summer at the Red & Purple…

… The summer continues, “the very-very special non-event” is closed.

After all the gold spent, searching and planning… Tuesday, the jungle was packed up and put into storage. The big mess… as fun as it was, is really not my style and the gaza-matt river was just slowing down the load-time for visitors. It was fun! Now we return to more normal colorful greetings for our mall’s front garden.

The décor contest:

Some really amazing design work in the few entries we got. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a whole lot of entries, however I’m sure it would have only made the judging harder. Between the 3 of us judging, there was debate and mild argument. 3 judges sponsoring the event, 5 entries… add to that another sponsor of Buddy of the new Hanging Garden mall of Luna, we nearly outnumbered the contestants. Photographs were taken, but to really get the full picture you MUST visit these houses yourself. Runebook is locked down at the Mall’s Church of Candy.

Many thanks to both…
Lady Kero, owner - Mystic Gardens.

Andrasta, owner - Goodman's Rune Library.

First Prize - Eleventh Year Collection, MASTER Token.
"CONDEMNED - Enter At Your Own Risk!"

Second Prize - Legacy Token. "Melisande's Fermentation Factory"

Third Prize (3x max) – Green or Red Lady Bug. PLUS 2 million gold bonus.
3.1 "TDT Vineyard & Winery"
3.2 "TDT Grand Central Craft Station & Supply House"
3.3 "North Vesper Shrine"

Other areas of interest for this very-very special non-event:

The live event to be done by Hawk, never came to be for whatever issue. Account… other events, the hustle of life. No big deal. I’m sure to sponsor another event at another time, perhaps when the game content cools down a little.

Added… to the Goodman Library Teleporter Hub. Though this little gem is not wildly publicized as the caretaker gathers participants, the Mini Mall was added to the many spots where travelers may go directly to the mall by one of the new teleporter pads, locked down for public use. Our pad donated by Lord Rags of FUN. The connecting pad is located inside the mall’s rune library. This area may be redesigned just a touch because I had no idea we would ever have one of my dream items when I designed the mall. Still, this is a wonderful addition and to be done while our non-event was on.

Added to the mall town, after an amazingly long time… the tiny dirt plot in the SE corner suddenly fell and the spot was taken by a new friend Adam and now we have the Drunken Pixie Pub, an official part of the Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood TOWN. This dirt plot was sitting in place since before I bought the mall building, the first in our town. It must have been 7 years. This was a happy surprise to our month long non-event.

As much as I had hoped our “town banner” would have magically appeared next to the Church of Candy while we were in our event month… however, yet again… I’m let down. This has been in the works for a long time and I haven't even received a simple email. The last request was made nearly 2 months ago, and that’s not the first request. From the little trickles of intel I get on the subject, I'm trying to keep positive however I don’t wish to publish rumors. If anything develops… I will report anything that comes by, no matter if it does appear or it never comes to pass. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

And lastly… a picture of the mall with the Jungle Décor: