Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Remembering KRAKEN, king of the Recall scrolls.

“KRAKEN”, real name Porter Thomson, the original owner of the Yew Gate Mini Mall of the Red & Purple… a friend I knew since I began playing… maybe 9 or 10 years ago… died Monday from leukemia.

If you didn’t know the man, you may know the reputation… if you are an older veteran player of Atlantic. For many years, from the birth of Tram… KRAKEN opened a classic sandstone vendor mall in the remote woods of eastern Yew, not too far away from the grand water fall, where he sold recall scrolls by the vendor full. He then relocated to a Small Marble Shop near the Yew Crypts, where the spawn was a little safer for his trade. KRAKEN was KING of the Recall Scrolls! Night and day… he made them. Night and day… people bought them. August 2004, we managed to find the large house near the public moongate of Yew, until his game retirement and then the eventual handing-off of the mall to myself and another friend, Hellfire. We have been keeping the place up and running ever since.

It may be true that KRAKEN quit UO a few short years ago to concentrate on other endeavors, he always kept in trouble with friends with cheerful and humorous emails. The odd personal letter. Never down on life or hating the world. I will always remember him as the man who would eat my fishing nets faster then I could possibly collect them. I will remember him as one of my closest friends, that I’ve ever had, while playing our game. This news comes as a sudden and totally unexpected blow to me personally. I will miss him and remember him… as my own personal history of life in UO would never be complete without mentioning HIS name.

Those whole fall should always be remembered… no matter what world they roam.

Porter (KRAKEN) is survived by his wife Aimee and a son and daughter.