Monday, April 18, 2011

Maginica Lotto is over… what’s the cost?

Total gold sunk into the “gold sink” (Atlantic Tram only) 9,512,114,000… just in the 2k unlimited lots. Estimated, 11 million per 10k lot.

10 lots, 2k unlimited:
Lot C1 – 1,091,105 tickets sold, (2,182,210,000 gold spent!!!)

12 lots, 10k 1 ticket per account:
Lot C3 – 1191 tickets sold, (11,910,000 gold)

Amazing figures! Did it actually effect the excess amount of gold on our shard? I don’t think so… and not at all. 9.5 billion sounds like a lot of game-money, but it's still just a drop in the bucket. It's not so much what you can produce “farming” gold… it's those who can get the hard-core loot who get the savings away from the rest of us. To really solve the excessive gold problem in UO, the staff would need to make a full change to monster loot and exchange old money for new. Maybe 10k old for 1 new. That would greatly correct the problem.

No surprise… Maginica is seeing very greedy people trying to sell these lots for massive profits. One buyer of a 10k lot told me she paid out 400 million… for what cost the seller 10k. Amazing! Even after a week or so… there is no actual community springing up from this new house area. It could in the future… or it could just be another house area. I’m hoping we see some malls and other community based houses. The staff also made mention on Friday that the fenced in areas may see new NPC houses and other areas like a fair ground.

Again, I would like to say the Red & Purple Mini Mall or any other mall property will NOT be moving to Maginica. If one of our mall friends wished to place a house in the city, the community may see a Red & Purple “flag” but that’s about it. Helping… not moving. We are very proud to be part of the recognized player town system and hope to see a town transporter system for our shard sometime soon.