Friday, April 8, 2011

Who was that masked girl? Super-Heroes on Atlantic?

For some unknown reason… there have been sightings of this small line of super-heroes that have been appearing by Luna and West Brit Bank on the Atlantic shard. They don’t seam to be advertising or promoting anything… when approached by passer-bys… they may respond, but otherwise say nothing.

Very smartly dressed to mimic Superman, The Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and Robin… and Hit-Girl. Hit-Girl? It may not be known by many… however, a good run from the north gate of Luna… almost directly north, you will run into a large (18x18) big-box custom house called "Hall of Heroes"... owned by "ARCHON The GREAT". At one time, this once mall was lined on 2 sides by smart dressed super-hero vendors! Right now, as this story is published, the vendors are all gone. Is this user connected to that once mall? Or did they just see the smart costumes and just copy them? Hit-Girl… is a party crasher!

ME! They may be from DC… I’m from my favorite comic book movie “Kick-Ass” that came out early 2010. I couldn’t resist! Saturday April 2… I just wanted to see what was going on and these guys stood in line for the better part of Saturday. Almost to shard down. I was the last one standing. Unlike the others… my girl actually has skills. hehe

I will find a proper place for a new Hit-Girl vendor, dressed in my cute custom outfit that was never in “Hall of Heroes”… but the question remains… what’s the deal with the line?